Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Sleep Ever

I can be very impatient.
I believe sleeping is a waste of time. An hour slept is an hour wasted. Although I think the people who know me would say that this belief of mine has not prevented me from wasting a lot of my hours.
A killer effect of the above is that I tend to run far far ahead of sleep at times. However, there are times when sleep sneakily catches up with me and I end up wasting perfectly good time on sleep that I could have wasted on a lot of other things.
Well it caught up with me this Saturday. With a vengeance.
And it was beautiful.
There I was, on a stomach full with delicious lunch, looking forward to spending the afternoon reading a very good book. 'The darkness that comes before' by R Scott Bakker to be specific. Really nice book with awesome writing and themes. So I laid myself down on a soft and comfy sofa by the window on a gorgeous winter mid afternoon. As pointed out above, despite having a very interesting book in my hands, I was asleep within 5 minutes. Woke up a half hour later to find that the sun had travelled further along its axis and soft golden sunlight was beginning to drape me as a warm cozy blanket. The most natural of blankets. Of course, the sea breeze wafting in through the window, cool because of the winter or what passes for it in Mumbai, freshened by the fragrance of the flowers on the trees right outside my window, had a really soothing effect. Well how could anyone resist rest. So I took some, liberally. Slept for another 2 hours. Ahh! Relaxation, sheer and pure. I think this is the sleep that the saints and sages say comes after atoning for our sins and overcoming our vices and basest of desires.
The soft sofa, the cool breeze, the warm sunlight, the best sleep. It was perfect. Hell, it was good enough to deserve its own blog.
The only time I had sleep of the same quality was when I was on Spazobid painkillers. But this was natural, all the components being supplied by God and Durian furniture.
Am already looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. Although I think I am gonna stay awake through it this time just to better appreciate the sheer beauty of those moments.
Maybe the only thing better than this would be sleeping in the warm caressing embrace of someone you love while her breath ruffles your hair.
Although I doubt it.
 - Vishal Karnani
Songs I listened to while typing this.
What goes around comes around - Justin Timberlake
Letting Go - Dolores O'Riordan
Ae nazneen suno na - Abhijeet